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Government of Montana

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The constitution of Montana established the governmental structure of the state of Montana. The Government [1] of Montana consists of three branches, the Executive branches, Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch is consists of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, the Secretary Of State, the State Auditor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the employees of the executive branch agencies. The Legislative Branch of Montana comprises of the House of Representatives and Senate. All the Judicial decisions of Montana are made by a system of courts headed by the supreme court of the State.

The Executive Branch of Montana

Seal of the Government of MontanaThe Governor is the head of the Executive Branch of the Government of Montana. [2] He was elected as the 24th Governor of Montana on 6th November 2012. The main duties of the Governor of Montana are balancing the budget, providing better jobs to the people, educating the children, to ensure transparency and ethics in government and also to keep the people of the state safe.

Contact Details

Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
Toll Free: 855-318-1330
Phone no: 406-444-3111
Fax no: 406-444-5529

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The Lieutenant Governor is the second highest elected official in the state of Montana. She was elected as the 31st Lieutenant Governor on Montana on February, 2014. The Lieutenant Governor chairs the Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee, and the Labor-Management Advisory Council.

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Attorney General
Secretary Of State
State Auditor
Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Legislative branch of Montana

Montana Legislature or the General Assembly [3] consists of the House of Representative and the Senate. According to the constitution of Montana the legislature is held in regular session for no longer than 90 days in each odd-numbered year. The main responsibility of the Montana Legislature is passing a balanced biennial budget that must then be approved by the Governor of the state.

Montana Capitol Building

Important Contact Details

Legislative Audit Division
PO Box 201705
Helena, Montana 59620-1705
Phone no: (406)444-3122
Fax: (406)444-9784
Auditor's Fraud Hotline: 444-4446 in Helena or (800) 222-4446
E-mail: Tori Hunthausen, Legislative Auditor

Legislative Fiscal Division
PO Box 201711
Helena, MT 59620-1711
Phone no:  (406) 444-2986
Fax: (406) 444-3036
E-mail: Amy Carlson, Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Legislative Services Division
PO Box 201706
Helena, MT 59620-1706
Phone no: (406) 444-3064
Fax: (406) 444-3036

The House of Representatives of Montana is one of 2 chambers of Legislature of Montana. The primary duty of the house is to organize and establish rules for governing their respective chambers. The House comprises of 100 members that are elected for 2-year terms. The Speaker is the presiding officer of the house. The house also consists of 16 House committees.

Contact Details

Montana House of Representatives
P.O. Box: 200400
Helena, MT 59620-0400
Legislative Information Desk:  406-444-4800
Fax: 406-444-4825

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The Senate is the 2 chambers of Legislature of Montana. The primary duty of the senate is to organize and establish rules for governing their respective chambers. The Senate consists of 50 members that are elected for 4-year terms. The Senate consists of 17 committees.

Contact Details

Montana Senate
P.O. Box 200500
Helena, MT 59620-0500
Session Information Desk: (406) 444-4800
Fax: 406-444-4875

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The Judicial Branch of Montana

The New Mexico Judiciary [4] branch applies regulations and law and also ensures justice in the state. The Judicial power of the state of New Mexico is in the Supreme Court, District Courts, Montana Water Court, Courts of Limited Jurisdiction and Workers Compensation Court set up by the General Assembly.

Court Room of Supreme Court of Montana

The Supreme Court of Montana is the highest court of the state court system of Montana. The court is comprised of a chief justice and six associate justices who are elected for a eight-year terms.

Contact Details

Montana Supreme Court
Justice Building
215 N. Sanders
P.O. Box 203001
Helena, Montana 59620-3001
Phone no: 406-444-5490
Fax: 406-444-3274

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The District Courts of Montana are general jurisdiction courts. The State of Montana has are 56 District Courts in Montana.

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The Water Court has exclusive authority over the adjudication of water rights claims. 

Contact Details

Montana Water Court
601 Haggerty Lane
PO Box 1389
Bozeman, MT 59771
Phone no:  406-586-4364
In State: 800-624-3270
Fax: 406-522-4131

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The Courts of Limited Jurisdiction in Montana consists of the City Courts, Justice Courts and Municipal Courts. The state of Montana has 61 Justice Courts, 84 City Courts and 6 Municipal Courts.

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The Workers' Compensation Court (WCC) was created by the Legislature in 1975 to give an effective and efficient forum for the settlement of disputes arising under the Workers' Compensation Act and the Occupational Disease Act.

Contact Details

Workers' Compensation Court
1625 11th Ave.
Helena, Montana
P.O. Box 537
Helena, Montana 59624-0537
Phone no: 406-444-7794
Fax: 406-444-7798

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Taxes in Montana

The Revenue Department of Montana is responsible for collecting and distributing tax according to state law. Major taxes [5] administered by the Revenue Department of Montana include:

Taxes in Montana

  • Sales Taxes
  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Property Taxes
  • Inheritance and Estate Taxes
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Lodging Facility Use and Sales Tax
  • Rental Vehicle Tax
  • Nursing Facility Fee
  • Telecommunication Taxes
  • Individual Income Tax
Contact Details

Department of Revenue
Mitchell Building
125 N. Roberts
P.O. Box 5805
Helena, MT 59604-5805

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Executive Agencies of New Mexico

Under the leadership of the Governor of Montana, several state agencies administer and manage different departments of the state. The main state agencies of Montana consist of:

Montana Department of Administration

Montana Department of Administration

The Department acts as the backbone of the government of Montana by providing business services to other state agencies which includes human resources, accounting, information technology, facilities, contracting and insurance.

Contact Details

Department of Administration
125 N. Roberts St.
P.O. Box 200101
Helena, Mt  59620-0101
Info: (406) 444-2511
Phone no: (406) 444-2032
Fax: (406) 444-6194

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Montana Department of Agriculture

Montana Department of Agriculture

The Department’s primary motive is enhancing and developing agriculture and allied industries and also to protect producers and consumers. It operates nearly about 30 programs, mostly funded entirely through user fees.

Contact Details

Montana Department of Agriculture
302 North Roberts
Helena, Montana
Phone no: (406) 444-3144
Fax: (406) 444-5409
E-mail: agr@mt.gov

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Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Montana Department of Labor and Industry

The primary objective of the Department is maintaining and developing a high quality workforce system for Montana which enhances and supports the economic health of the business community and gives a prepared workforce.

Contact Details

Montana Department of Labor and Industry
P.O. Box 1728
Helena, MT 59624-1728
Phone no: (406) 444-2840
Fax: (406) 444-1419
Email: dliquestions@mt.gov

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Montana Department of Corrections

The staff of the Department supports the victims of crime, enhances public safety, reintegrates offenders into the community and promotes positive change in offender behavior.

Contact Details

Montana Department of Corrections
5 S. Last Chance Gulch
P.O. Box 201301 Helena, MT 59620-1301
Phone no: 406-444-3930
Fax: 406-444-4920

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Montana Department of Livestock

Montana Department of Livestock
The primary objective of the department is controlling and eradicating  animal diseases, protecting the livestock industry from theft and predatory animals and to prevent the transmission of animal diseases to humans.

Contact Details

Department of Livestock
Public Information Officer
PO BOX 202001
Helena, Montana 59620-2001
Phone no: (406) 444 - 9431

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  1. Government of Montana
  2. Governor of Montana
  3. Montana General Assembly
  4. Courts in Montana
  5. Taxes in Montana
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